Company Culture: 10 clever ways to keep employees creative and motivated


Good employees are often hard to find or even harder to keep. It is no longer enough to promise a competitive salary and some benefits; almost everyone is doing that already – especially for coding or tech jobs. Employees these days are driven by much deeper motivations. And if these motivations are addressed in your company’s culture, then the job or opportunity might be seen as almost too good to refuse or leave.

So check out these effective ways to take the work or office life to the other level:

1.Creative freedom – It is necessary to encourage or foster the creativity of all the employees. According to a research, the employees who are given space to think are more motivated to come to work and feel more passionate about their jobs. Additionally, if they have the freedom to pursue their own feel-good factor projects during work hours, companies can forge a more productive as well as a positive work culture. The office should be a stimulating environment, where everyone can thrive and feel good about it.

2.Team building – Shaking up things every now and then is a good way to break up the day-to-day routine and team building is all about seeing each other in a different light. But instead of a planned weekend, try to do some team bonding spontaneously at the office. Perform an exercise challenge, hold an event to celebrate different nationalities and cultures, or organize a hackathon for solving an ongoing issue. It’s a communication boost, skill sharing, and incredible fun.

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3 .Cultivate a positive work environment – A positive work environment is essential to the success of the business and proper mechanisms to provide it need to be put in place, such as support of new ideas and methods, acknowledgement and reward of professional achievements, encouragement of learning new skills, an open door policy, fostering collaboration, creating new company traditions etc. The office environment should be a place where every employee should be treated with respect, trust, and understanding.

4.Reward good work – Feeling recognized and appreciated is important for any employee, in any profession. Employees who feel appreciated are more loyal, more likely to stay with your company, and often more productive. But even though money is a powerful method for encouraging good job performance, bonuses, stock options, or office upgrade may not be the only options. A simple “thank you” sometimes is enough. If no, let the employee be “CEO for the Day”.

5.Encourage individuality – No two people think alike. Encouraging individual personalities to shine through will not only help create a diverse and dynamic culture, but it will also improve the overall efficacy of the workplace by creating a more open and inclusive environment. When individuals feel accepted, it’s kind of like finding home again, so companies should recognize the fact that each employee’s unique qualities add value to the team and celebrate that uniqueness.

6.Create the perfect workspace – Redesigning the office space can do wonders for uplifting the general atmosphere at a place of work. Studies have shown that a well-designed office can increase productivity by up to 20%. Fun communal spaces, free food and some colors can lift up the spirit and increase efficiency. In the end, add some personal touch to it by offering employees to customize their desk areas. A stimulating workplace can be a catalyst for productivity.

7.Insist on work-life balanceIn today’s fast-paced business world, the ability to achieve work-life balance is becoming more and more difficult. Although results are expected, it is important for employers to encourage time off, vacation time, digital detoxification, day breaks etc. If possible, offer flexible work hours and telecommuting. Good work-life balance increases employees’ productivity and creativity, but also encourages employee commitment and engagement.

8.Organizational support – To be creative, employees need to feel that they are supported by their peers and management. Fair and supportive treatment of employees isn’t only an ethical issue, it’s an investment. A supportive company reinforces the employee’s expectation that hard work and high performance will be rewarded. This boosts job satisfaction and mood, increases commitment and performance and decreases turnover.

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9.Personal and professional development opportunities – Professional development opportunities should be one of the company’s top priorities. One of the most effective ways to ensure that employees grow and thrive is to provide them with a variety of learning opportunities, such as classes, trainings or conference visits. On the other hand, the personal development element should not be forgotten, such as offering emotional support. Build employee’s confidence by helping them learn more about their role in the company and themselves.

10.Give them a reason to come to work – every day – Showing up to work five days a week, ready to exceed expectations, requires a level of loyalty that can only be achieved if morale is high. For that reason, it is imperative that employers give their teams a purpose, a feeling, and intention that together they can make a difference in the world.