Cancer Causing Agent Found In Johnson And Johnson Baby Shampoo


Due to the popular products of American pharma company Johnson & Johnson, which is in a dispute over the past few days, will be examined in all the states of the country. This decision has been taken by the Drug Controller General of India after detecting the cancerous formaldehyde in two batches of Johnson Baby Shampoo recently in Rajasthan. After the reports came from the labs, further action will be taken on the company.

Prior to this, after getting information of cancer ingredients in Johnson Baby Shampoo, Rajasthan’s Drug Controller recommended that the use of these stocks of shampoo should be restricted and the current stock should be removed from the market. Apart from this, under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 strict action will be taken if found guilty. However, Johnson & Johnson has refused to accept the results of an investigation of the Rajasthan drug controller. The company has claimed that it is baby shampoo does not have cancer-causing formaldehyde.

This institution, which comes under the Department of Health and Family Welfare of Rajasthan Government, in a notice issued on March 5, had stated that the sample of the baby shampoo with the expiry date of September 2021 has failed in the quality check. Cancer-causing harmful substances have been found in them. These shampoos were made in the plant located in Himachal Pradesh. The company have later indicated that the formaldehyde-related to the building construction material was found in these samples.

According to the company, they do not mix formaldehyde in their shampoos, nor do they contain ingredients that will release formaldehyde in shampoo after some time. Formaldehyde is a biological cancer-causing element and is harmful to humans. It is used in wooden coatings, electric appliances, building materials, door panels, etc. It is also used in explosives like PETN by increasing the density.

Many uses of formaldehyde have been restricted by the European Union. Shortly before, cancer-causing substances and asbestos was found in Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder. In February, the company had told that after testing the asbestos in its product, it has resumed production of baby powder.