Agarbatti Smoke Is Dangerous Than Cigarette Smoke And Can Also Cause Cancer!


As we all know the importance of Agarbattis in our lives. They signify the spirituality and also denote peace and prosperity.


With the smell of all the good things God make you feel calm from within, the chances are that the agarbatti smoke may harm you more than the cigarette.

According to the 2015 Chinese Study, it is understood that whenever yhe aggarbattis are lit, the smoke which comes out has some tiny particles those disperse in air.

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It is understood that these fragrant sticks emit the toxic particles those can harm your body at a cellular level.

The study further says that, the incense smoke contains three kinds of toxins those can lead to cancer.


These three kinds are mutagenic, genotoxic, and cytotoxic. Therefore, agarbattis can cause a gene to mutate, which is the first pre-requisite to cancer and other lung diseases. Genetic mutation can cause a change in the DNA, which is not a good sign.

Every time you breathe in the smoke coming from the agarbattis, it gets trapped in your lungs that can lead to an inflammatory reaction.

Since the particles contain as many as 64 compounds it might cause irritation in the respiratory passage.

The extra fine particles are dangerous to our body and when some additional artificial fragrances only add more danger.

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