They Can Hack Your WhatsApp In Less Than 5 Minutes: But, Here’s How You Can Prevent It!


WhatsApp is definitely the most used IM platform around today (Thanks to Jan Koum). And, it is tight on security. But, in spite of its high-security features, there is one trick way for hackers to get into your personal arena.

WhatsApp doesn’t support multiple devices for a single account. It will always make the older devices WhatsApp app obsolete as soon as you activate the service in the new devices.

So, they can’t have access to your account through another mobile. There is only one loop whole possible in your case. WhatsApp allows its user to connect their app to desktop/laptop using WhatsApp Web.

Here’s how any and every iOS and Android smartphone users can try these free and online tricks to hack any WhatsApp account in less than 5 min.

STEP 1: Download any WhatsApp barcode generator app from your respective app store.

STEP 2: Open the app, enter the person’s number, whose account he/she wishes to hack.

STEP 3: Wait for 2-3 min for the hacking to be processed and then click on ‘Verify option’.

STEP 4: Now that person can get access to your messages, images, videos, or any other information that you have stored over the last 30 days instantly.

So, if someone verified their laptop browser for your WhatsApp account, they could access your chat messages in WhatsApp web whenever you and he/she are connected to the same WiFi.

I recommend you to go Settings -> WhatsApp Web and check if there is any suspicious computers have access to your WhatsApp account through WhatsApp web. If you find any, click log out from all computers option. It will prevent spying person to have further access to your WhatsApp account.

There is no way else you have connected your WhatsApp (or someone has) to WhatsApp web.

Just go to Settings, tap on WhatsApp Web/Desktop and click on Log out from all computers to cut off the risk if someone might have connected your WhatsApp to his/her computer.

P.S.- Be safe on the web, folks!