Bill Gates Still Chooses to Use Android over iPhone


Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had a unique relationship. Bill Gates who is the co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation and Steve Jobs who co-founded Apple Inc were rivals but friends as well. Both of the CEOs played a significant role in shaping the tech industry as we know it today. But that doesn’t make Bill Gates use iPhone to honor the late Apple co-founder.

Apple iPhone or Apple products overall are widely used and known for its distinct features like front-facing camera video calling and Siri, a virtual assistant that functions with voice recognition.

Windows smartphones have been wiped out from the market as result of a strong competition from Android and Apple. Gates, in an interaction made recently with Fox News, revealed that he has recently switched over to an Android device and uses Windows-based PCs.

He adds that even with an Android device Gates mostly used the Microsoft software on it. Microsoft manufactures or owns a variety of software like Skype, Outlook email, Word and more others that work on Android phones well enough. Android OS and Microsoft ethos are very much alike, like most of the features can be customized on your smartphone, download apps and manage files directly on your device. It is a platform used widely by many of the companies.

Gates may be a fan of the Google software due to its operating system not locking you into an ecosystem. Gates and other such builders avoid restrictions and which is why most of the hardcore tech users prefer Android.

The Android operating system knows what is inside a smartphone and is open to all. Bill Gates was a hacker before turning into a billionaire who could manage to break into a major corporation’s computer 45years ago. So you can safely assume that due to similar reasons Gates uses Android smartphone.

(Photo credit: Business Insider)