Ever Wondered Why Apple Devices Always Display only 9.41 AM As The Time In All Their Ads And Product Displays? : The Da-Apple Code


If you’re a die-hard Apple fan (which since you’re reading this article, you most definitely are), then you might have noticed that Apple iPhones always show the time to be 9.41 AM in their adverts or in feature photos and dummies.

Have you ever wondered as to why the time in these iPhone displays is always set to 9.41AM?

Most other clock displays use the time 10:10 for their display for multiple reasons like the perfect symmetry, smiley face, framing of the brand name, etc.

Since with Apple none of this is evident, what could be the basic reason?

The actual reason is pretty simple:

It is because the first iPhone was unveiled to the world or rather its glimpse was given to the world at approximately 9.41 AM in the 2007 Macworld and Conference.

Steve Jobs, while looking through the presentation and the slides came to the conclusion that the slide containing the iPhone picture would be revealed to the world at approximately 9:41 AM, or a few seconds here and there.

His calculations were absolutely correct and just as expected, the iPhone slide came on at 9.41AM. For that presentation and since that presentation, all iPhone advertisements and promotions have always featured 9.41AM as the time on the clock.

He said:

We design the keynotes so that the big reveal of the product happens around 40 minutes into the presentation.

When the big image of the product appears on screen, we want the time shown to be close to the actual time on the audience’s watches.

But we know we won’t hit 40 minutes exactly. We know we won’t hit 40 minutes exactly. And for the iPhone, we made it 42 minutes. It turned out we were pretty accurate with that estimate, so for the iPad, we made it 41 minutes.

There you go… now you know the secret.