Anurag Tiwari: Founder Of Rekart, Which Cleans Our Surroundings By Recycling The Wastes We Throw Blatantly Here And There!


Be it the growing population or poor knowledge of hygiene, our nation is giving birth to mountains of garbage every day. They can be seen not only in outskirts but also in the interior of even the biggest of cities.

Around 80 percent of the garbage is an amalgamation of carbonic by-products and dirt that is polluting the ecosystem also spreading epidemic diseases. Today, it has matured as our duty, more than ever, to take care of the cleanliness in our vicinity.

Keeping this in mind Anurag Tiwari, a finance graduate reached the front and endowed a company named Rekart.

Rekart recycles garbage collected from doorsteps of people in association with Municipal Corporation.

Anurag is an inhabitant of Kurukshetra, Haryana, and after completing his education he worked in Bharti Airtel for 2 years.

But his heart was always set on doing something extraordinary so he approached his friend Rishabh Bhatia and started an advertising enterprise whose annual turnover reached Rs 5-10 crore. But a few crores were not going to dampen his desire. He wanted to do something that did a turnover of Rs 100 crores annually.

One day, Anurag was travelling from Faridabad to Gurgaon by road and saw a hill of garbage on the roadside. He realised most of this garbage was recyclable. An idea clicked in his mind and he set out not only to clean the city but also recycle all the waste material.

To transform his idea, in reality, he discussed the same with his two good friends Rishabh and Venkatesh.

Both of them were more than ecstatic to collaborate with him on the idea. So they closed the advertising company and started a firm Rekart which collected waste materials from 25 lakh homes of Delhi and 50 apartments from Gurgaon.

Today, they have a turnover of over Rs 15 crore annually and are working hard to increase this. There are more than 11 employees working on their payroll.

Anurag said:

Waste materials are of two types, dry or wet. We send the dry waste for recycling and wet material for making electricity and urea.

Anurag has brought enormous transformations in the growth of garbage collectors and junk traders associated with him. Garbage collectors who earned Rs 100-200 earlier are making Rs 500-700 now. There has been considerable change in the life of more than 100 junk dealers, too. And, this one innovative idea has led Anurag to change the lives of million those who suffered yet never were noticed by anybody. ANd, not to forget, that the boy is now a millioniare!