Anand Mahindra Offers Internship To Millionaire’s Son Who Left Home To Wash Utensils


The businessman and Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra is very much active on Twitter and is known for his tweets. This time he has have offered an internship at his company to a young person named Dwarkesh.

Dwarkesh is the son of a millionaire who owns the oil business. In order to prove his earning potential, he left his home. On 16 October, the police searched Dwarkesh in other cities of Gujarat including Ankleshwar, Surat. At the same time, on 17 October Dwarkesh reached Shimla by bus via Delhi. On November 4, he found a job in a hotel to wash the utensils. At the same time, the hotel manager informed the Gujarat Police about his suspicion. After which the police and his family were able to find him.

Dwarkesh’s father Rakesh Thakkar said, “Dwarkesh has only one dream which is to be a big man one day by his efforts. He said about his son’s honesty that Dwarkesh left home with only Rs. 1250. Above all, he took 1070 Spent on the ticket and 20 rupees on the water bottle. Furthermore, the remaining 160 rupees were returned to him. This is the hardworking attitude of Dwarkesh and himself in adversity Refers to the ability to preserve. ”

After the news of Dwarkesh Thakkar appeared in the newspaper, Anand Mahindra admired this young man and offered him an internship. Dwarkesh said on this offer that he has not made any decision regarding his future. Anand Mahindra’s offer is a big opportunity for him. Moreover, if anyone from Mahindra Rise Company will contact him then he will think about it.

Anand Mahindra Helping People In Need

Moreover, this is not the first time Anand Mahindra has come forward to help a needy. Earlier, he helped Kamalathal, an elderly woman from Tamil Nadu and above all, he offered to invest in her business. Kamalathal is selling Idli and Sambar with spicy chutney for only one rupee even in today’s inflation. Above all, she does this to feed the daily wage workers.