Tamil Nadu Woman Sells Idlis For Re 1, Anand Mahindra Wishes To Invest In Her business


Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra posted a tweet to help Kamalathal Amma, who sells idli for one rupee in Tamil Nadu. Mahindra had expressed concern over Kamalathal burning woods to make idli. He wrote – If anyone knows her, I will be happy to invest in her business. Mahindra had expressed a desire to give him her an LPG stove. After this, information about Amma reached Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. He spoke to the officials and provided an LPG connection to Kamalathal.

Another user wrote – Wood is available for free in forests and villages. If you provide LPG stove and cylinder to Amma Ji then they will have to get it refilled it at commercial prices. I don’t think it will help her, rather it will add an extra burden. Anand Mahindra replied to this tweet and said “Wood smoke is not good for her health, she can choose a better option. He also said- I will be happy to help her in supplying LPG continuously.”

On Wednesday, Bharat Gas Coimbatore, replied to Anand Mahindra’s tweet, and stated- ‘We want to tell you that Bharat Gas Coimbatore has given a gas connection to Kamalathal.’ After which users praised Bharat Gas fiercely. Anand Mahindra also praised this gesture and wrote- “This is superb. Thank you Bharat Gas Coimbatore for giving this gift of health to Kamalathal. As I have already stated, I am happy to support her continuing costs of using LPG.”

The story of 80-year-old Kamalathal Amma of Coimbatore went viral on social media in which she is seen selling one idli for a rupee. Kamalathal serves her customer idli with sambar and chutney for a nominal price. Meanwhile, on Twitter Anand Mahindra on Tuesday shared the story of Kamalathal on Twitter.

The people living in Vadivelampalayam near Perur in Tamil Nadu are daily wage laborers. These people are of the lower middle class and their income is very less. In such a situation, they find 15 to 20 rupees idli very expensive.

Kamalathal Amma while giving an interview to a local media channel said that her goal is just to satisfy their hunger. Therefore she sells idli for just one rupee. She gets profited, but the margin is less.