A Real Rag To Rich: Salman Syyed, A Street Book Vendor Who Rose To Set An Example Of How Talented Underprivileged Children Can Really Be!


Often, we have ailments about anything and everything supporting the sol, but wherewith many of us cause efforts to remedy ways and bring about such actual change?

We argue about the impoverished kids and the endeavour and fight they go through to make ends meet. But, do we march forth to assist them out?

Mumbai’s Salman Syyed did just that and today there is seldom anything that can hinder him from reaching the sky.

Salman confirmed that with inebriating work and commitment, no dream in this world is improbable to accomplish. From selling books at Mumbai’s Haji Ali beacon to cramming in Houston, Texas; Salman’s rousing rags to riches story is touching many hearts, motivating people and restoring our faith in hard work.

He started reading the books he traded at the signal, and that’s how he learnt English.

Writer-Director Ram Subramaniam who earlier made a video of his moving story, gifted him a Kindle so that he does not stop reading.

Subramaniam took to Twitter to share-

This is Salman Syyed. He was born and lived on the footpaths on Mumbai. Sold books at Haji Ali signal.

I met him and was so moved by his depth and knowledge, made a film on him and gifted him a Kindle.

Today, Salman is studying in Houston, Texas. I am choking up as I type this.

Salman’s mother was a rag-picker and after 2nd standard, he fell out of school to help his mother.

Therefore after some years, to support his family, he started selling books at the signal. It was only then when he coincided with Caroline. With her guidance and that of others customers whom he used to peddle books, Salman eventually acquired the habit of reading.

Despite bombing in the exams in his maiden attempt, Salman did not mislay hope and in 2012, he reappeared. He then flew up with scores of 91% in class 11th and 81% in 12th.

While most people were in reverence of Salman’s unbelievable journey, there were some who ventured to look at the bigger picture of how capable the impoverished kids are, and if given the right chance they can divulge through all the manacles to realize their aspirations.

Slam’s story is inspirational tp the very core. ANd iy only makes us realize that people like Salman are the extended proof that if you are stubborn enough to make it happen, no dream is too huge to accomplish.