8 Things That Only An Engineering Passed Out Can Realte To!


The 4 years of engineering life is fun, there’s no doubt about it. There are not strict rules, no parent-teacher meeting (unless you did something really terrible), no fixed class hours and no boring uniforms.

And so, there are certain things that only an engineer can experience.

We pick out top 8 things that only a true-blue engineering passed out can relate to. So lets now go down the lane of those memories and re-live everything that has happened in those unforgettable span of four years:

1. The Curse of Mechanical Branch

Forget to date for your entire B.tech if you were a Mechanical. Only a handful girls and overcrowding of boys.

Guys were so g(a)y-full there that they could settle even for the Bloody mary if given after four years of their engineering career.

2. Assignment(s/ ss/ sss…n)

Yes. Assignments kept on increasing with each second you pass in your B.Tech. At the end of your full four years of graduation, at least 70% your entire tenure had spent in ‘dates’ with night-long assignments and day-long vivas.

3. College Canteen

Ah! Winterfell of your college. You always felt so home there. After those long lectures and merciless vivas, that one Butter Maggi or Chicken Patties felt so damn awesome. Even more awesome when you had someone of opposite gender to share that piece of delicacy!

4. Beer, Beer, Chicken, Some Weed… and then Beer Again!

Admit it! That was your daily appetite in and out of the hostel. You did it all- you drunk, you smoked and you ate… and then repeated until you were passed out.

And we do not blame you for that at all. Engineering happens to be so intoxicated at times, we know right?

5. Cultural Fests

You bought a Redbull because Pink Floyd was coming at your college. You danced as it were your shot to become the ultimate party guy. The crazy ambiance filled in your lungs and you could not even skip a breath. It was the time of your college life.

6. Attendance

You were not an engineering student if you did not mass bunked or had good attendance. Low attendance and indiscipline is a must for any true blue engineer, after all. We kid not- it is indeed a necessary code of conduct.

7.The Night Before Exams

So, till now you had fucked around for the entire semester. You did not know what was coming next. Because all you knew was how you mastered rolling a joint, how many guys Khaleesi has dated in GOT and how you took a perfect corner shot perfectly in the FIFA 15.

So, all you had that one night and you find yourself all immersed into this never opened pages of thick things called books. You rubbed onto every single theorem and theory that could save your grades. because that one night was to decide your entire career that was yet to come.

8. The Nostalgia

You keep cursing your college all your college life but a sudden sense of sadness mixed with nostalgia comes across during the convocation day.

And now that your college is over you miss all of those what is written above and sit down lost in memories that only an engineering student can have for his or her lifetime!