6 Pro Tips For Married Men Whose Women Are Breadwinners


A 1980 statistical report suggests that 13% of earning women were breadwinners in their family. The figure has taken leaps and bounds to reach a whopping 31% in this contemporary era.

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This is a breadwinning conundrum that needs to be handled professionally. Men often start feeling as they are hit by the thought of being stripped of the highest contributor in the family.

Tips to feel equal again in the family

These are the tips from the expert psychotherapists that will ensure how to restore your pride and become the dependable man in the family again.

  1. Become a real partner

Stop wasting time sitting on the couch drinking beer. Give her an extra hand in doing daily chores. Just step in and give her a helping hand. Just step in and ease the tension relentlessly lurking in her mind. All you have to do is to take the first step and add more value.

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  1. Your paycheck is not your definition

Always remember that your paycheck is not your definition. Women do not define their husbands with their paycheck. All they need is constant emotional support from you. Make her feel safe and take care of her in a non-materialistic way. In some cases, the couples decide to put the bigger paychecks in the savings account and let the husband take on the charge. Understanding each other is the best ingredient of a happy relationship.

  1. Sharing credit is fun

In this age of equality, a couple must have a shared account. Sharing expenses are the best method to beat the odds. Both partners can become breadwinners. It also constructs a sense of teamwork for the couples.

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  1. The 3-C rule

Compromise is the key answer to all questions arising in married life.

Communication is the key to solving every problem. Open communication will make the bond stronger every day.

Collaborate with your partner to accomplish a bigger plan.

6 Pro Tips For Married Men Whose Women Are Breadwinners

  1. Be there for her to make memories

Always remember how you won her heart. Make special arrangements to acknowledge her for being together in high and low. Always tell her that you love her before going to bed.

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  1. No mental scores! Please!

Married life is not a contest. Do not keep a score. Do not discuss the size of your contribution. Settle it at first and then let it happen every month. Do not keep a score of how much work someone is doing every day.