5 Things We Can Learn From the Durga Puja!


Durga Puja is coming!

And, we cannot just wait for the festive euphoria to begin. Perhaps one of the most major festivals of Hindus that is fondly celebrated across the country especially in West Bengal.

But, along with all that fun and celebrations, there are a few major things that we can take away from the Durga Puja:

1. Respect Woman

Durga killed Mahish-Asura because she demeaned and stalked her. He humiliated her and what he faced was death. This tells how doomed we can really be when we dare to disrespect the woman of our society! Moreover, Goddess Durga is a symbol of power and strength. So, we need to remind ourselves about women power, strength, conviction, and dignity.

2. United We Stand…

The Demon King was invincible by one particular God, but when, every God united to form Goddess Durga, things got happened.

By that, we can learn how if all the forces of society unite can kill a larger demon and spread light across the horizon!

3. Celebrate Life

Durga Puja is a grand celebration. It teaches us to forget the woes of life and enjoy the wows for some period of time. The grandeur, the music, and dance, the preparations, the food, the rituals like Anjali, Sindur Khela, Dhunuchi Naach, Dashami Pronam, Bisharjon- everything reminds us to live life to the fullest.

4. Communal Harmony

People from every religion or caste of society would wait for this auspicious occasion, and they enjoy every bit of it.

It is the essence of a secular festival that makes the Puja even more enjoyable and carefree. Thus, this grand festival teaches us of communal harmony within the society!

5. The End is just the Beginning

Durga Puja begins at Mahalaya, and lasts for a span of ten days. But, the end of the celebrations doesn’t mark the end of its essence. Rather, it is a metaphor of a new beginning, a new hope and a new zeal for the next coming year.

As they say- 


(Indeed We Shall Celebrate, Again the Next Year)