5 Things A Woman Expects From Her Man



A relationship is very demanding and it expects you to take some efforts to make it work and stay evergreen. You may be taking a lot of efforts to woo her but it is not necessary that it would strengthen your relationship. What a woman expects from her man can be any vary but CB lists out a few common things that every woman expects from her partner.

Lend An Ear:

Image result for listen to her gifA woman goes through a lot of things in the entire day. By the day ends she has a lot of things going inside of her which she might wanna throw up. All she wants you to do is, listening to her and making here feel there’s someone who cares about her and her problems.

Share Work:

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Your girl may not ask you to do her share of work, but if she’s tired and had a rough day, then there’s no harm in taking a step forward and helping her. Initiate little things that surprises her and meets her expectation.


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A lady enjoys your cuteness when you seem to be possessive about her. But she definitely hates it when her partner becomes over possessive. Control and monitor your possessiveness to avoid conflicts between you two. Let your possessiveness make her feel wanted and not miffed.

Calm Your Hormones:

Image result for desperateness gifDON’T ACT TOO DESPERATE! It will ruin everything between you two. Let the intimacy between you both go with the flow, don’t force it just to get some action in your life. If you try getting too direct and go straight into her pants then she’ll definitely get creeped out. A woman’s physical desires and expectations tend to be more romantic and just getting straight to bed.

Space:Image result

A woman likes having her own space and she definitely hates it when someone barges in her privacy. Don’t be so caring that she starts finding a way to escape from you. Spending time with her will give you an idea what makes her happy and what annoys her. Until then try figuring out what your girl possibly expects from you.