10 Game Of Thrones Quotes That You Can Use In Your Real Day-to-Day Life!


As the seventh season of world’s most popular period drama television series ‘Game Of Thrones‘ has ended, we are still in love with how it did. From the Aegon Targerian to the Night King, everything was just mind blowing in all of its meaning.

But, apart from all that bloodshed and erotica, the series also delivers a strong storyline with some very evident teachings for life, courtesy its excellent dialogues and punch lines that help characters to build their respective roles. We give you 10 such dialogues and quotes from the Game Of Thrones that you can possibly use in your day-to-day life (with the intended pun of course)!

1. When shit’s gonna happen!

Winter is coming

2. When you realize you need to beat the shit out of someone…

Where are my dargons?

3. When you don’t really like something but have to be polite in saying so…

Everything is better with some wine in the belly.

4. In case you meet the traffic police and don’t have the papers of your bike…

Valar morghulis!

5. When someone just asked you-

“Who do you think you are?”…

I’m Daenarys (or whatever your name is…), first of my name.

6. When you have to convince someone one to lend you some money…

A Lannister always pays his debts.

7. To the one you love, have loved and will love forever…

My sun and stars

Moon of my life!

Babu, Shona and Jaanu… just got so holy!

8. When you gotta give someone some serious life lesson…

Never forget what you are.

The rest of the world will not.

Wear it like an armour, and it can never be used to hurt you.

9. When someone close doesn’t understand you…

You know nothing…


*Deep Sigh*

10. When you’re… well… not having anything much to say really!


(That escalated quickly!)

That ends our list. May the Seven Pointed Star be With You.

Now Go and Claim your Iron Throne!