Meghana Dabbara, The Nineteen Year Old Girl Who is Transforming Children into Agents of Harmony!


Imagine everyone living together as if they were one big family, where people understand each other and help each other. Meghana Dabbara, with a vision to build harmony in the world, has gone the length to make this a reality, starting with 50 children.

Her Non-Governmental foundation is called Make The World Wonderful, about which she says:

Make The World Wonderful is an NGO which was established with a vision of building harmony in the society. Our focus is not on poverty or education, but rather on nurturing children into agents of harmony by raising them in the right ecosystem.

We aim to raise a generation of children in an empowering culture of harmony. We have started our pilot with 50 underprivileged children as of now, but we will be expanding to extend our support to every child regardless of their background. It is our policy that every child counts

At the NGO, the children have been empowered by a state where they needed help to a state where they are now helping those around them.These Agents of Harmony, as they are called, are raised under one roof, where unity and integrity drive all their thoughts, words and actions.”

Meghana has established gives no ordinary kind of education– this facility tries to instill a conscience alongside technology, and fills their lives with character and righteous behavior.

And the entire model of such system has been handcrafted by the young girl and her team under the guidance of their mentors and experienced individuals in the field– the facility provides a home for children that apart from common academics, teaches values like gender equality, secularism, and equality across all communities– and is scalable to the rest of the world.

Being born and bought up at in Guntakal, a small town near the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh Meghana was highly influenced by her mother from the very childhood. She says:

Her stories played a huge role in making me what I am today. When I realized people weren’t actually helping each other in today’s world, I decided to bring that harmony into the world.

With that notion of her mother’s teachings, as soon as she grew up she strived on to build a similar harmonic foundation all her own.

For getting support and guidance, she applied to a mentorship program at a startup hub called IB Group that taught her the importance of value-based education. A couple of years later, when she was around 17, she decided it was time to start her own.

A couple of years later, when she turned 17, she called it the day to start her own envisioned organization.

But every great work attracts all kinds of eyes. On that she says:

When I decided that I was going to do this, society did ask me a lot of questions. But I had a clear reason and had a lot of support from my parents and iB Hubs as well.

Her institute has now made international footprints by getting remarked and praised by several significant educational and social organizations. On the very concept of her magnum opus, the girl remarks:

Their children currently study from Grade 3 to 12. They wake up at 5:30 for yoga and study from 9 am to 4 pm in the evening with a lunch break in between. They have several extracurricular activities such as dance twice a week and kung fu thrice a week, and garden and play daily from 4-6pm.

We also have mentors for each child. Towards the end of the day, the children will have personal development sessions, story-telling sessions, affirmations, and visualizations before they sleep.

But, at the end, in spite of every feat they achieve what remains more important are the lives they directly trying to impact and change. The way Meghana is doing things and inspiring common people to come forward and change stuff for once and for all, we can definitely hope for a better India shape up in a coming couple of years.

(Information Source: Meghana Dabbra to Corporate Bytes)