YouTube Goes Pronto: Cuts All Its Ties With Logan Paul, One Of Its Most Popular Vloggers!


It has been only a day since an open letter to users was posted by Logan Paul regarding the misconduct by one of its most popular stars and now YouTube has decided to cut all further business ties with massively popular vlogger.

The American vlogger had claimed fame by posting numerous quality videos primarily on vine and footing on his successful followership, he shifted to YouTube where he became a household name in no time.

YouTube has also gone ahead by removing Logan Paul’s channel and blocking all mutual monetary terms shortly.

The Google-owned video blogging and streaming website declared on Wednesday that it will not be moving forward with any of the future projects involving Paul.

This step would further hamper the vlogger’s projects on YouTube Red, the ad-free paid subscription venture from the site.

Paul was set to make The Thinning: New World Order which was a sequel to his YouTube Red science fiction thriller The Thinning.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Paul also won’t appear in the fourth season of its comedy Foursome. It’s worth noting that Paul still has his YouTube channel, but not his YouTube Red projects.

Further adding to its distance from Paul, YouTube will separate him from its Google Preferred list, which aggregates its topmost channels and lets brands to sell ads to the top 5 percent of creators on the platform.

While none of these steps will obstruct Paul from securing videos on YouTube, or even advertising on his customary channel, it would unquestionably stir the volume of money and exposure his brand makes now.

As earlier reported by a major news source:

The star received unprecedented backlash after posting a video of himself in Japan’s Aokigahara forest, which is known as a common place for people to commit suicide. Paul was filming in the forest when his group came across a person who appeared to have hanged themselves.

On the same hand of spectrum hand, Paul’s critics were annoyed not only that he posted the graphic content to his millions of followers, but was also recorded snickering and banging jokes throughout the agitated moment.

The star has since published two apology letters to fans as well as taken a break from posting further videos. The video in question was pronto removed, but the fact of the matter is that damage was already done. So far, Paul has yet to publicly comment on the news in the mainstream media.