Young Man’s Guide to Dress Up and Look Sharp


If you are a guy below 25 years of age, you are in the midst of living life like an adult, making new decisions, money and being judged for your image. And more importantly, your image is actually very significant than you think. You are on the verge to make an impact on the world and so you need to be perceived as someone who can bring that change.

The choices you make of clothing can make or break your reputation at this point of age. Here are styling tips for a young man to be able to dress up well and look sharp.

Have self-confidence

Style mainly depends on your confidence. Self-confidence should be about knowing who you are internally and what you stand for. When you are aware of your purpose even the outfit you wear gives off an aura of a confident person. Remember there is a thin line between being self-confident and being cocky or over confident. If you lack at least fake it till you make it.

Value style

Appearances especially first impressions have great importance. To nail first impressions you need to have a style and image that fits in whats acceptable of young professionals. You need to wear clothes that are clean, wrinkle free, crisp, and well fitted. People won’t take you seriously when you are all sloppy wearing loose clothes or jeans all wrinkled.

To look mature and credible as a young professional, you can maybe start wearing casual suits or add a luxury watch to your outfit. Details like these will help you stand out and make you look more stylish.

Choose footwear wisely

One can judge a man by his shoes. People will see your shoes as a way to analyze your career and social status. Invest in some high-quality dress shoes. It will work for almost all occasions and is a classy piece. When you add these details to your outfit you seem more particular about what your attire and the way you look as compared to someone who recklessly wears anything to any occasion.

Take care of your clothes

Let’s face it you are young and got less money to dispose of, so everything is on a budget. Buy good detergent, get good and reliable iron, hangers to hang your clothes etc. This will help you be careful of your invested clothes.

Be vigilant of the fit

Oversized shirts, baggy shorts are all fun and cozy at home. However stepping out you need clothes to fit properly and best. When buying clothes try it out if doesn’t fit in an ideal manner don’t go for it. Don’t even settle for anything that can be adjusted or tailored.

Go for quality not quantity

Having a closet filled with overflowing clothes that either don’t look or feel good to wear or are don’t pair with anything is not acceptable. For an ideal wardrobe get a good pair of white and blue shirts. Get ties with dark shades and maybe with a fine detail. Matching trousers and shoes and a couple of jackets, this can be paired with anything or everything to create a stylish look.

Throw out worn out clothes

Distressed, ripped jeans may look cool but doesn’t fit appropriately to the style you are looking for now. Wear clean and indigo jeans that are well fitted. Dark colored chinos will add to the variety.

Get rid of T-shirts and hoodies

Mark Zuckerberg usually arrives at work wearing a gray hoodie, but let’s face it how many of us are such geniuses? The average guy doesn’t have such kind of privileges and you will highly be judged negatively. Graphic tees, hoodies etc must be eliminated from your closet. Maybe keep a few for the gym.

Your main focus should be having a closet of well fitted casual long sleeved sweaters and button downs, polo or sports shirts.

Ignore being in vogue

The mainstream fashion trends change very quickly before even becoming a closet staple. And you can’t invest in a complete wardrobe overhaul each month as per the fashion trend. So choose your style of clothing and stick to it.