The world’s Top 10 budget honeymoon destinations

  • Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico is called “Isle of Enchantment”. This is a perfect honeymoon destination having a perfect weather all round the year. One can easily get to this place having a diverse culture, superb beaches; it is also a great shopping destination, extensive outdoor attractions and great accommodations.

South Africa:

This is a stunning destination for honeymoon couples as it offers sexy beaches to rural beauties. The sunrise experience in the bushes is great to watch. The place has over the top luxury hotels and restaurants. Spending time in Cape Town, wine land and booking Kruger Park for safari are the best things to do. South Africa is also famous for eateries in the cities like Cape Town.


This would be the best honeymoon destinations for newlyweds in the coming time. People now also visit Bulgaria from all around the world, mostly Americans. One can explore the beautiful city Sofia and the glorious Countryside. This place is famous mainly for its beautiful view and the natural beauty. The place guarantees luxurious accommodations and an amazing stay.


This may not be the top most country for having a honeymoon but is definitely a gorgeous place for honeymoon couples. Sweeping landscapes, smattering of tropical islands, jaw dropping nature and affordable luxury. Cambodia has romantic moments and stunning lonely spots.


Honduras is a stunning honeymoon spot and also very cheap in comparison with the other destinations. The snorkeling and Scuba diving are the best things to do in the Caribbean waters. Honduras is one of those less tourist tropical destinations where beaches are still pristine and un-crowded and two water lovers on a budget can always find an affordable place to stay.

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Indonesia is an amazing honeymoon destination. It has everything from Wildlife, nightlife to city life and the best part is it’s very easy to become a millionaire here and so even budget friendly couples can afford plenty of fun.


In the world of travel destinations, Portugal is the hottest vacation destination. It’s beautiful food scene, unparalleled Wine, picturesque beaches, and lush mountain regions, Portugal has the makings of an unforgettable honeymoon.


Vietnam is a beautiful honeymoon destination for couples, from its stunning landscapes, colonial structures, gorgeous beaches, to sparkling bays and its colorful culture are an extreme why not! A honeymoon in Vietnam offers it all its stunning night life and dinners in caves. It’s an amazing place for people who want to experience luxury in a much lesser cost, along with hotels at an economical cost and flights at a cheaper rate.


India is a great place for honeymoon couples. Its breathtaking views and honeymoon destinations, beaches in Goa and not to forget the heaven on earth Jammu and Kashmir. The best romantic getaways in India are Shimla, Ooty, Coorg, Nainital and various other destinations in Himachal Pradesh.


Honeymoon in Morocco is a great thing to have for newlyweds. This is a cold country with hot sun and is considered a luxurious place for couples. The place is famous for its great weather and finest Moroccan hotels and restaurants. People here would definitely experience a wondrous time.