Why Is Banana A Superfruit



Bananas has been considered of the most healthiest fruits on earth. Thanks to it’s nutritional properties which has been helping mankind cure a lot of illness. Here are a few reasons you must choose bananas over popping a pill and cure your health problem naturally.

Weight Loss:Image result for weight gainThere’s an age old myth that bananas are full of calories and consuming it will only result to weight gain. But according to the nutritionists, it’s opposite as one banana contains approximately 90 calories and it contains no fat. Apart from that the fruit makes us feel very full and the roughage doesn’t make you feel hungry.

Improves Digestion:

Image result for Improve digestionThis is one of the most amazing and well known health benefit of this fruit. As bananas contain a lot of fiber it improves our digestion. At any time if you feel constipated, grab a banana and witness the difference within few hours. So next time to you experience digestive issues opt for a banana as it’s much better than popping a pill and the advantage is that it has no side effects.

Protects From Cardiovascular Disease:

Related imageThis fruit works wonders in protect oneself from cardiovascular disease. It’s rich sources of essential minerals like potassium helps reduce blood pressure and helps blood flow very smoothly through the body. The fiber helps in scarping out the excess cholesterol from the arteries and veins, thus reducing the stress and tension on the cardiovascular system.

For Strong Bones:Image result for milk and bananasBananas are very good for improving the strength of bones. Although bananas has no calcium content, it contains some properties which helps in absorbing calcium from milk and other milk products. We all know that calcium is the most important element in regrowth of bone matter and it helps reducing the chances of osteoporosis and weak bones, but consuming bananas along with milk will affect your bone condition do better.