What You Should Do With Your Hands in Photos


Every photo you take you just can’t figure out why your hands seem so unnatural or stiff and also, weird. All you want is a killer but cute picture for Instagram. Don’t fret here is a guide for posing your hand properly in photos.

90-degree angle

Cross one arm in front of your waist and you can let the other arm come up towards your face or let it loose by your side. This looks very natural in photos. Just make sure you don’t hunch your shoulders.

Pretend you are about to pick your nails

Bring your hands in front your belly button together as if you are about to grab hold of your hands or pick at your fingertips. Pause in that pose to get the perfect shot.

Hands in the pocket

Put your hands just partially in let it loose around your pockets. Fully tucking your hands in will create a bulk around your waist. Let your elbows and shoulder drop.

One hand on hip

No both hands on hips are the worst pose. Instead, just one hand on your hip relaxing your wrist and keeping your shoulders dropped. The look will feel natural unless your posture doesn’t look casual.

Shoulders back and hands lose on sides

This pose is effortless and best for quick snaps. Stand straight and your arms should fall loose next to your waist. Now pull your elbows and shoulders behind slightly. In a way to appear longer and leaner for the camera and the pose doesn’t feel intentional at all.

Cling to your purse strap

Clinging to your purse strap is a very easy pose and feels oh so natural. Just hold it delicately with one of your hands.

Hold a cup of coffee or other drinks

Sometimes you need a prop to build that bomb photo. Holding a cup of coffee or any glass of drinks gives your hands purpose for the picture.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)