What You Should Do To Always Look Put Together


You know the women we are talking about, the one at work, at the gym, at a restaurant who just seem effortlessly put together. You know they look perfect and wonder how they dress so well. You cant really put your finger on the reasons why.

Here are the secrets of women who always look perfect.

They pay attention to details

That slight half tuck, a loose roll of the sleeve are small steps that go a long way in the presentation of an otherwise dull looking oxford shirt.

They know the rules of fit

The two rules of fit that every woman should follow are first, to know what looks great on your shape and secondly befriend a tailor. Because hemming culotte jumpsuits even by just one inch can make all the difference.

They go for like-minded materials

When you want that killer denim mini to stand out in an attractive way then pair it with wools and suedes.

They look after their nails

You feel like no one would notice how long it has been since you got your last mani. However, it is totally visible. Trimmed nails and soft cuticles all groomed appear as if everything else you are wearing is expensive and gives you an elegant look.

They blend the trend subtly

Raw hemmed culotte jeans can be too much but the ladies know how to tone it down with a neutral hue top.

They are always comfortable

They don’t do a sloppy job they look for comfort. They allow themselves to feel the comfort. Keeping the sneakers clean, clothes form fitted and everything to the point.

They always carry themselves with confidence

Your posture speaks volume of your personality. Keep your chin up, shoulders back straight and tummy in and whatever you have worn will all look perfect the way it is supposed to.