What A Handshake Can Say About Your Personality


A person’s personality can be observed by seeing only one glimpse of the body parts. One of which is the way of shaking hands. If you meet any person the first time, the first handshake is full of mixed characters. One can easily find out about someone’s personality in the way of shaking hands. Here are some of the six most common handshakes which tell about the personality of the person.

Dominant handshake –

Dominant handshake reflects power and dominance over another person. This one is greatly cringe-worthy, and people who do the pain striking, seem to be examining the power of the other. These people might come across as the intimidating type.

The double-hander – 

It’s a healthy or a care-giving sort of handshake in the most adept way imaginable. These types of handshakes are mostly used by politicians or personalities who work in a social circuit whose duty is to be sensitive. It’s saying, “Let’s talk about it,” and shows that the person is trustworthy and open to ideas.

Submissive handshake –

These are characteristically the part of the foundation humanly language of a person who is dominating in nature. This is a mark of a powerful and gregarious character. People who use this type of handshakes tend to be concise too out there and quite loud. But at the same time with no concealed agendas. Those who hold their hands for a long time while shaking hands, they are the ones who want to control their authority over others. Their thinking is that they should have complete control over others.

Dead fish –

Of all the types of other handshakes, the ‘dead fish’ is the most wicked one. The person’s hand has no power, there is no pulsation, no pressure, not even a squeeze, and it gives the impression you are carrying a dead fish instead of a hand. This handshake is a sign of weak self-esteem.

Finger Vice –

When a person grasps your fingers and not your whole hand it is meant to keep you at a gap. These characters often feel insecure about themselves. If they also grind your fingers they are adding a show of intimate power, which is also intended to keep you at a distance.