How to Wear Pants to Work with a Stylish Twist


Trying to decide what to wear to work every morning is a complete challenge. To not fail with your outfit you might always end up sticking to your favorite pants that are office style. Trying to make everyday work outfit non-monotonous can be a tough task.

However here are stylish ways you can wear pants to work to never get bored of your own outfits.

Skip the basic button down shirt

Wide legged pants with a crop top instead of the regular basic button down shirt can make for a semi formal outfit that you can easily pull off at work. Still to keep things more formal bung on a blazer on top and you’re all set.

Plunge into monochrome

A monochrome pantsuit is the classiest corporate look you can wear. You can wear it to meetings to look your best and feel confident.

Try on Pinstripes

If you are someone, not that tall wear pinstripes prints to add height to your look and nail the professional attire. Go for an overall striped look for the chic and corporate look you need.

Quirk up with athleisure

Athleisure are clothing appropriate for both athletic and leisure occasions. It is a way of dressing up. Wear a sheer top and pair with side striped or plain pants. A sporty bralette and chunky heels are all you need next to make yourself work ready.

Dress it up

When you are in your Monday blues and can’t really settle on an outfit, you need the most comfortable and yet work friendly outfit. So wear your trousers with a plain cami top with a fashionable jacket to beat your Monday woes.

Lacy bralette peek

If you feel sexy for the day hop on to create a feminine touch to the basic professional look with a peek of your lacy bralette. Layer with a blazer or the regular shirt and keep the first two buttons open for a sexy look yet formally acceptable.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)