How to Wear Linen in Style


People in today’s fashion trend seek comfort as well as style. So what’s better than linen fabric which is comfortable and amazingly stylish for all the seasons. Most argue that linen is just for the summer, however, the linen fabric can be worn all year long.

Here is a guide for men to wear linen in style.

Choose a slimmer fitted linen shirt with short sleeves.

Pair your linen shirts with jeans as well as trousers.

You can even wear it with shorts for a chic look.

Try to go for a little variation in the style of a linen shirt such as a boho style front, V-neck cuts etc.

The traditional linen Indian Kurta is the classiest outfit to wear.

Wear linen blazer casually or formally as it is absolutely in vogue.

You can get a very glamorous look by wearing a complete linen suit.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)