How to Wear and Fold Jeans Right for Guys Who Are Short


For some fashion conscious guys who are not as skinny or tall it not as easy to just fold the jeans from the bottom twice and be good to go. The men who dress according to their height and respect the art of fold mostly suffer when it comes to folding their jeans. There are men who are short with broad shoulders. If not done properly your proportions are going to look all messy.

Here is how a short guy can fold his jeans right.

You should understand that there are plenty of choices available for denim. It also completely depends on your preference what kind of jeans you chose. You need to focus on the fit and get as accurate size as possible. Slim fits suits any body type, no matter if you have the thick body like Arjun Kapoor or a slender body like Ranbir Kapoor. Anything that is slimming should be your choice. You can always tailor jeans that are ill fitted at the corner.

Now instead of making a two fold of two inches for each, neatly fold the four inches of the fabric over. For perfection ensure that it ends right above the ankle. Now you have to understand that the pair of loafers or sneakers you wear has the ability to make or break the fold. Avoid flat footwears like sandals, espadrilles or moccasins.

As you are shorter on the legs you better make terms right with the fold. Go for heeled pairs of loafers or brogues or even derby shoes.

Another aspect that you should consider is the tone. Instead of sticking to a top to bottom view with one tone break the body into two tones of the same shade to elongate the view. So if you are someone with the 5′ 8 or below height you can kill this look.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)