We Indians Need To Learn These Things from Other Nations


India is challenging the leading countries when it comes to technology education and defense. But what stops us from feeling like a fully developed country? Indians spit on the road, urinate in public and thrive in road rage. We could really learn from the developed, developing as well as from the undeveloped countries some good things that could really make us feel as developed as we are in certain fields.

Here are things we should adapt to have a better standard of living in India.

Abiding by the traffic rules

From little things like overtaking, driving the wrong side of the road or tailgating to drunk driving and overspeeding all contribute to a lot of issues daily in the Indian society. People involved in constant argument to losing our loved ones in road accidents.

We blame the roads but we are responsible for ourselves and so wearing a helmet and a seatbelt for our own and other’s safety is not just necessary but a given. Unnecessary honking or road rage should be matters discussed publicly to resolve. The outrageous honking in India will definitely startle some of the other nations.

Countries like Bhutan have traffic rules where a pedestrian should cross by the zebra crossing only and they follow the rules strictly. Unlike India where no one really cares about the traffic rules and most of the times end up not even caring to stop at the red lights.

Don’t spit or pee in public places

How often do we Indians find people urinating, spitting or even defecating in the public? This goes to all strata of the Indian society as you will find people with BMWs and fancy clothes either spitting or letting their children pee in the public. Cleaning our society or maintaining our surrounding doesn’t have to be just for the tourists it also has to be for our wellbeing and wellbeing of our environment.

Being more scientific and conscious in our actions

India, sadly a mass of people blindly follow things that cant be scientifically understood. Recent cases like Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and Asaram Bapu are examples of these. People blindly involve in outrageous rituals or superstitious activities. This should stop.

Academic excellence is not the only way to succeed

Some parents in India believe that pressurizing their children to keep getting good marks instead of helping them find out their abilities and strengths is common. Start providing your kids some guidance and support to help them fulfill their dreams and not yours. Let them do what they love.

Respect women, fellowmen, and elders

We should develop our mindsets as well. In times where both a wife and husband can earn for a comfortable living why harbor begrudging feelings about one’s wife earn. With the number of old age homes in India, it is really alarming and you wonder if we ever respect our elders. Nations like Japan and South Korea boast of having people of the age of 100 and that is how well they take care of them in their families by treating them with the utmost respect.

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