Ways to Unplug On a Vacation without Feeling Guilty about Work


Can you go on a vacation and never check your work emails at all? Sounds crazy right but it is a lot more possible. It is possible for you to completely disconnect from your work to take full advantage of your time away.

Once you are able to go on a trip with absolutely no contact with the work, you will come back from your trip to the office feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Here are all the excuses you make while planning a vacation and how to deal with it so that you can actually unplug on your vacation.

“I know I will return to loads of work”

It’s true, but if you plan on going on a work-cation understand you will only be able to manage a little of your work from phone. So there is no point in constantly checking your phone or even responding to any messages.

This will not help you to enjoy your vacation nor will you be able to handle work completely leaving you stressed about what is waiting for you at the office.

“I’d still like to know what’s waiting for me”

Well prior to leaving take 20-30 minutes to actually jot down all that you know you have coming up while still at work. Things are going to add up while you are out, however, the to-do list you prepare can make you feel less stressed as you have the exact idea about what the first few weeks after the vacation will be like.

“What if I am holding up someone, what if they need me?”

So there are a few arrangements you need to make to get rid of this excuse. Prior to leaving for the vacation talk up with your direct report, the most reliable teammate or the boss to check if they can pitch in while you are out.

Your next step is to send an email to all those who you closely work with to inform them the dates you will be unreachable. Also, try to know if there is anything that can be done in advance.

The next email to all is to follow up and remind them but you will also add that you will not be checking your work emails while you are out. The people who are going to handle and pitch in for you are the ones anyone needing you should approach to. And if there is an emergency ask them to text you.

Doesn’t this take-off half of your burden? You are at peace of mind knowing you are not troubling others and have made good arrangements for anyone who needs you.

“I will be guilty of asking people to help me while I sit on a beach”

Let us assume you have asked your teammate to simply cover for you. The fact being that they are not going to take over your 40 hours a week of a job. So you are not to feel guilty. It is part of being a team and working with others.

Today, your colleague will handle a client for you. Next week, perhaps your colleague will enjoy a trip out while you handle their emergencies. At the same time, a small souvenir for them doesn’t hurt anyone.

All of the excuses you have been making are all destroyed. Of course, there are many organizations and industries with which the disconnecting formula doesn’t work. But the above points should help you to at least try your best to disconnect. You simply need to ask yourself whether the pressure on you to not unplug is put by the company or you.