Ways to Overcome Low Self-Esteem and Be More Confident


You are low on self-esteem when you don’t feel good enough. You feel unworthy of the things you can get and inferior. You can go to an extreme level where you start feeling like nobody wants you.

You don’t go for the best opportunities thinking you are not worthy or capable enough. You sometimes don’t want to face other people as well.

It is not good to have low self-esteem as it hinders you from living your life as you want. The great potential you have and which you miss noticing yourself gets wasted.

Here is how to increase self-confidence to be the best you. If you feel relatable then read on.

Re-evaluate your past

If you have low self-esteem, one of the reasons could be that you are dwelling in your past. The mistakes you made, the consequences you faced and then you allow that past to define the present you. You feel the reasons of failure are you yourself.

Always consider past experiences of failure as lessons learned. Feel glad that you know a bit extra of what mistakes not to make again in the future. Will that give you a better you? It will!

For the better you, you need to be a new you by never making the past mistakes and endeavoring to do better. Life is all about challenges and accepting it can boost our confidence. Accepting it makes us want to fight back and never give up.

Accomplishing things in the first time around is hardly possible. If the past has many first time mistakes perhaps trying things again or practicing to make you skilled can give you the desired results.

Expect the best results

When you suffer from low self-esteem, you always anticipate the worst. And this cannot be changed until you change your mindset yourself.

Take a deep breath and start expecting the best results out of everything. Visualize your success. You will look good in that dress, the food you are cooking will turn out good, the work you are involved in will have the successful results.

This is a way to encourage having high self-confidence so that you do better at a task and enjoy the best of results.

Take risks

A way to build your confidence is by taking risks. If you fail, try something different. If you succeed, it will foster your self-confidence. You learn more things and gain more knowledge by trying different things. It can only build higher self-esteem.

Accept a compliment

When you suffer from low confidence, you just cannot accept a compliment. For instance, you do look good in that shirt; your hair does look good today, you do have flair in writing, accept it.

Believe what others tell you when they compliment you. Believe that the person complimented you sincerely. You can use it as a future reference.

Whenever you are not sure if you are good at something, you can think back to the time when the person gave you the compliment and reassure yourself, that yes if people think you are good, you must be good.

Know your strengths

Take the example of a sports coach. They identify each player’s strength. The player recognizes their own strength and abilities and harnesses them for better results. They focus on strengths and get rid of weaknesses.

Find your strength similarly and harness them to be good at it. Jot down a list of strength and start polishing them.

Fake it until you make it

Some people that appear to you as highly self-confident, are actually nervous somewhere deep inside. What makes them stand out is their ability to fake confidence. Wear the clothes that make you feel confident. Perhaps makeup makes you feel confident.

Walk with your head high and shoulders aligned. Speak positively with a firm voice to display confidence. This will make self-esteem flow right through you.