Ways to Look Fashionable Instantly


From the word fashionable, most start thinking of the models on the runway. When someone wants to look more fashionable, they start looking for what is the chic item in fashion or get hold of the most expensive of clothes.

You do not have to master any styling technique to look fashionable in your daily life. A simple statement as wearing a pair of sunglasses or letting your shirt tuck loose can make you look more fashionable instantly.

Leather Jackets!

Isn’t it stylish enough? Even with a pair of jeans and a casual t-shirt, leather jackets have the capacity to leverage your outfit. Black leather is a classic, however, if you feel it is kind of common you can go for color ones or printed leather jackets.

Wearing jacket on your shoulder

You have seen celebrities pulling it off well, haven’t you? You can too. Just think of your jacket as a cape.

Master in Layering

Consider yourself as an onion, a fashionable one of course!  Layer yourself with as many pieces of clothes you can so that one piece of the item cannot make or break your complete outfit. Mesh top, layered with a crop top, layered with a coat, layered with a jacket. Jeans shorts over black tights with a leather belt!

Pick the wrong shoes

Might you consider wearing heels for a short dress right? Not anymore. Wear flat booties, sneakers or creepers. The crazier you get the edgier look you achieve!

Pair a small thing with a large one

To look fashionable you have to play with proportion. Pair a crop top with a ball skirt or an extremely oversized top with notably brief shorts. This goes for everything you choose, hard cloth with soft, tight one with loose etc.

A sloppy tuck job

An oversized tee, silk collared top or a tank top just grab the front portion and tuck it down aimlessly. This will take your fashion score from a 10 to 100 in no time!

Slap on a hat

The hat is a fashionable accessory that makes a well-defined style statement for your overall outfit. And we are talking about hats and not fascinators.

Aren’t these the simplest things to do to look instantly fashionable without spending anything or mastering the styling secrets?

(Photo Credit: Pinterest, Lookastic)