Ways to let your man know that you enjoy having sex



It’s a preconceived notion that women are flowery; they love baking and are usually the homely kind. But fortunately, with the changing times another side of women is slowly revealing. It is a known fact that men and women both enjoy having sex but women don’t openly confess it. Through this article we’ll help you to tell your partner that you actually enjoy having sex. If you are a flowery girl outside and a wild girl inside then follow these ways and let your man know what you like in bed.

Initiate it
This is possibly the best way to let your man realize that you enjoy getting intimate with him. Let your actions speak and don’t use mere words. Try to arouse him when he’s least expecting it and surprise him with new ways and techniques while making love. This way he’ll be confident enough when he approaches you next time.

Take the lead
You know men are no machine and his unawareness about your wild side makes him nervous in bed. Whenever you feel, he’s tired and panting while you make love, go a step forward and take the lead. This will help him last longer and give him a little break from the tiresome job and the added benefit is that, each time you do something different in bed he’ll feel the urge to explore you more and more.

Talk dirty
Step out of your comfort zone and tell out what you expect from him in bed because shyness would lead you nowhere. Try to be as much comfortable while being intimate with him. Ask him about his sexual desires and fantasies, trying your best to satisfy his desires and making him feel you’re not really the shy type when it comes to sex.

So ladies, what are you waiting for, go ahead and make your partner go crazy and wild eventually sparking up your relationship bright.