Ways Entrepreneurs Can Fight Depression


Reaching meetings on time, having fun over lunch and even hanging out with the team after work, these signs may seem like a startup founder is sorted in their head. However, sometimes, these are just to mask the bigger troubles that run in the brain of an entrepreneur that further builds up to depression.

The situation for an entrepreneur goes out of hands when they start to suffer alone and try to find solutions alone. And in such struggling hours, the entrepreneur sinks in gloom for ages without realizing slowly slips into the darkness of depression.


Entrepreneurs have invested everything they had into an idea and now the pressure is high too at least help their venture sustain. Stress and burn out maybe the commonest reasons they get depressed. Apart from that fear of failure or sensitivity towards failing hits an entrepreneur really hard. Also, entrepreneurs have people who work under them, their judgment and expectations are another factors. They also feel vulnerable due to bold financial risks they have taken.


Entrepreneurs find it hard to express their emotions and thoughts. It becomes difficult for them to align employee interests with the company’s goals. The entrepreneurs then start feeling that employees only spend their money and are constantly irritated and frustrated for numerous reasons and in many occasions. They even start to avoid social interactions.


Entrepreneurs, in most cases, are triggered by public humiliation. An entrepreneur, themselves should know when to reach out for help. They have a low self-image and with the failure of their venture, they consider themselves as a failure.

To bring back confidence the entrepreneur should dive into the past achievements. They need to learn to move on to a failed relationship and learn coping strategies like losing someone. Humans make mistake and they do not need to be perfect. Entrepreneurs should try to create work-life balance from the beginning. Entrepreneurs should unwind daily and failures should not be taken personally.