Very Helpful Styling Tips for Curvy Girls


Curvy girls can kill the styling game too. There are amazing bloggers and models who also embrace their curvy self and style their clothes to the best.

Here are some styling tips for the curvy girls.

Embrace that belly

Most of the plus size women follow a style rule which is hiding the belly. However, this results in them wearing baggy and inappropriately unflattering clothes. This doesn’t make them feel good or confident. Often shape wears over promise but under deliver. Sometimes high waisted jeans and shape wears can create lumps where there isn’t. Hence find comfortable clothing instead of focusing on hiding your belly.

Try on different sizes when you shop

Often sizes are not consistent among brands. Don’t be afraid to try the mediums or large because somewhere from the collection ‘where it would never fit’, one might!

Invest in good undergarments
It is worse to have the perfect outfit but not having the perfect foundation to pull off the apparel. You must get a great bra and panties that have a proper fit.

Double for good basics
Get yourself tanks and tees with basic neckline and thicker straps to hide bra straps. Invest in leggings and tights that you can wear under anything.

Your clothing should flatter your specific shape
You cannot generalize curvy girls, you have types, too! Maybe you are a triangle or diamond or an hourglass. Or your shape could be figure eight, oval or inverted triangle. Understand your shape and find apparels that flatter your shape.

Go for thigh-highs or knee highs
Knee or thigh highs elongate your legs and add a sass to your outfit. Mesh thighs with thigh highs might work in a sexier way for your legs.

Don’t hide your curves
When you wear oversized pieces to camouflage your curvy body it basically makes you look bigger than you really are. When you embrace your curves you will actually find your outfits to be more flattering.

Over the top accessories should be avoided
Why not try boldly printed body con but avoid wearing baubles to feel pretty. Jewelerry adds beauty but it will interesting to pull off a bold look without a chunky necklace.

Fabrics are the key
Know what fabrics are that you like or totally hate against your skin to make choosing apparels easy for you. You will exactly know what fabric flatters your curvy body making the shopping process lot easy and quick.

Tailoring is the best
You can tailor and make your outfit to fit you the best. It is the difference that makes you look sloppy or prepped.

Wide belts may be your best friend
If you don’t have the time to tailor your outfit then wear a wide belt to hide the extra loose fabric. At the same time, a structured blazer can hide all the tailoring flaws.

Go for a fit and flare dress when in doubt
Curvy girls should at least have one fit and flare dress in their closet. It works best with any body type.