US Company Will Pay Rs 2 Lakh Per Month To Smoke Weed And Test Marijuana Products


Recently, a US company is giving a job of consuming and testing marijuana and a very good salary is being given for this job. Marijuana is becoming very popular in America and a lot of people use it for medications, getting high and for other purposes. The person will be given a salary of more than $36,000 yearly (Rs 2 lakhs every month). A website that reviews cannabis, is looking for people who can test and use Marijuana daily. Their job involves reviewing its quality through vlogs.

A variety of products and medicines are also made from cannabis. In many states of the US, the government has also permitted to use it. There it is known as Weed, Marijuana and by other names and people order it online.

However, not everyone can do this job. People whom the company will hire will get the proper training to consume, test and tell the quality of Marijuana. For this work, only those people who have an interest in Marijuana and products made from it will be hired. Those who will be given this job, along with salary will also receive products made from it. This job is only for 18+ adults. According to this company, “Expert and Celebrity Snoop Dogg were also approached to describe the quality of marijuana for this work.”

For this job, the person should be above 18 years of age and should be a resident of the US or Canada, where smoking marijuana is legal. Also, for this job, one has to write these things in the resume, such as – short biography about yourself, passion for it and a short 60-second video on this topic.

What the company’s founder have to say –

The company’s founder, Dwight K. Blake is a licensed medical health counselor. He says that there are a variety of methods used to test hemp, CBD and marijuana for medicinal purposes. He further said that ‘whatever comes in the market, everything has to be checked by the person.’