How to Update Your Living Room without Spending Too Much


You look around your living room and think guess I need to change things up a bit. But you also think about time and budget and realize you want something easy and affordable to upgrade your main space.

You must have really been tired looking at the same pattern of the living room and guess you what, you really don’t have to think much or shell out much for new flooring, painting or furniture all at once. Here are simple tips to follow to help your place to have a facelift without spending too much.

Paint a statement wall

It is an easy way to update your living room. Choose the main wall of the area and paint a bold color onto it. You will obviously save money as you will be painting just one wall.


Go to the nearest flea market or a thrift shop and pick some unique finds that can be employed as coffee table accents, vases or bookends. These don’t have to be all expensive and try to stick to a color scheme.


Invest in some new pillow covers with bright colors or floral prints and then use neutral whites or furs according to the seasons. You could keep it seasonal and change it accordingly to keep things fresh.

Style your coffee table

Get some new magazines or books for the coffee table, they can be second hand. Use trays, different textures, accessories to add some details to your table.

Wall gallery

You can select an assortment of photos and art pieces to create a wall gallery on one of your empty looking walls. You can get creative with the arrangement. It is a very affordable way to style your walls.

Use baskets

You can get some cheap yet sturdy woven rattan baskets to place them on your living room floor. You can use it to store things like your blankets or pillows or Tv remotes etc. It is a functional way you can hide the elements that are not be seen by the guests yet keeping things within your reach.

Invest in sconces

Scones can provide all the lighting and brightness that your living space needs. You can try framing your art or TV.

Paint your end tables

Your existing table can be spruced up by painting an accent color either on the legs frame or handles. If you have wooden tables maybe paint it crisp white or pastel shades to give it a shabby chic look.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)