UNO Confirms Its Illegal To Stack +4 or +2 Cards


UNO is a popular game that gained worldwide popularity. But a twitter statement by UNO official twitter handle had split its fans. The twitter handle released a statement affirming the long-known but universally ignored rule that one cannot stack +4 or +2 cards. This tweet has undoubtedly give UNO fans a shock and sending them into meltdown.

Most of the avid players generally end up the game by stacking the +4 and +2 cards. It is the most commonly used strategy. Now, this rule has been scrapped off, and UNO fans have split up. After the tweet, many users weren’t able to digest it.

They went online to comment and tweet about it, resulting in some tolerably witty tweets. Many users tried to work around the announcement by calling Uno’s house rules condition, which permits players to settle on a set of their individual rules rather than practising and following official rules.

Over the years, players have rendered this precept to mean that they can avoid drawing cards if they can add extra “Draw four” or “Draw two” on top of the initial one, creating a chain. It is also noteworthy that, UNO freshly collaborated with the estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat for the Artiste Series, which highlights the artwork and legacy of notable artists.