Types Of Bosses You Will Find in a Startup


The high increase in startups has developed a new company culture. This work culture is majorly driven by results. The founders of these startups are the ones who become the significant factor of whether an employee would love their job or hate it.

Take a look at the list of types of bosses one might find in a startup. These might not cover all the types of bosses but surely some that are mostly found in a startup.

The ones who has been just funded

The startup bosses who have been just funded are super excited ones for the new opportunities coming their way. They flood their office with everything new from furniture, new laptops, office equipment and supplies etc. They are zealous about company team meet ups which they hold every weekend. Also, they focus more on technical and marketing growth ideas.

The ones who loves perfection

There are some who like everything done in a perfect manner. They want everything to be according to their plan and thus like to control things including their subordinate’s work. When they set a goal, they usually seek perfection and strive for the best even making everybody feel that they are not doing much or are not good enough. You might be tempted to ask them to chill and let you handle things your way, which obviously is not the best option.

The ones who is quiet

These are the ones who like to observe in silence and who time and again pass on their wisdom. They know everything so you should not be fooled by their gestures that they have no inputs to share or don’t know about stuff. They are good in absorbing the knowledge and thus nail at their work.

The ones who is a traveler

Then you have bosses who are constantly attending conferences and summits and so need to take mini vacations every week. You barely see them in the office. You mostly get to interact with them through calls or social media, where you know from the check-ins that they are on the move again.

The ones who scream

Working with these bosses might feel like you are on the field ready for a match. They remind you of a sports coach. The more they scream, the more you know about the importance and urgency of a project. They like to maintain their strict demeanor and yell at you to make you feel intimidated.

The ones who work at night

There are bosses who are most active and productive during the night. The bedtime is the best time for them to think of ideas, come up with solutions or remember things. That’s when you get a call from them to schedule the next day’s work.

The ones who abuse

Some bosses love to use profanity at the workplace. They are straight forward and never sugar coat stuff. They believe in delivering the harsh truth rather than convincing you the wrong. They are fully taking advantage of their “Freedom of Speech”.