He Turned His Wife’s Hobby into a Business Idea and Now Runs a Crores Worth Of Firm



Here is an incredible success story of Gagan Jain who, thanks to his wife’s hobby, is now a millionaire. Gagan’s wife, Neeti used to paint on his shirts and when he went out people would appreciate the amazingly done colorful paintings. Neeti is an amateur painter who handpainted her husband’s shirts. Gagan was struck by the idea that if people really liked his shirts then surely they would buy painted shirts like his. So they decided to set up a startup based on hand-painted shirts.

With their personal savings of Rs 15 Lakhs, ‘Rang Rage’ the start-up company was established by Gagan and his wife nearly four years ago in Indore. Gagan was working for a fashion brand in Muscat a few years back when Neeti got this habit of painting his shirts as she didn’t have a work permit and had to sit idle. When they found people interested in buying the shirts, they thought to turn this hobby into a business idea. He quit his job and came to Indore to build their startup, Rang Rage.

Initially, the company designed only shirts. However, with the growing demands, they started designing cushion, bed sheets cover, handicrafts and other decorative items. This is a sweet story of how hobbies can be translated into million dollar business ideas. With the right mindset and ways to present the products to its potential buyers, there is nothing that can stop a business to become a success.

Presently, Rang Rage has a turn over of Rs 2 crores with around 200 employees associated with the company. There are almost thousands of customers who demand their products from all over the globe and not just in India. This is a great example and inspiring story for those who seek to turn their passion into a successful business idea.