Turn Every Failure into Accomplishment


Everyone should know how to deal with failure because everyone will face it at one point or the other. There are so many people who beat themselves up when they make a mistake. Every glitch caused by them makes them self-criticize heavily.

You are punishing yourself thinking that it will help you to not make mistakes again. But this approach has never has helped anyone. This only makes you unproductive, discourages you and leaves you feeling terrible. It disrupts your self-confidence.

What should you do?

Put yourself in ‘beta’ mode permanently. The Google developers had launched Gmail in 2004 and made it available for all but knew the service was not perfect. They released a beta version so that they could receive valuable feedbacks from the users which they could use to make the final product as efficient as possible.

This strategy applied in your life can change your mindset and how you deal with setbacks because if you are in a test mode, you expect glitches to happen. Thus you no longer perceive failure as discouraging but valuable information to help you improve your approach. You stop yourself from expecting perfection which is a huge relief.

How can you never fail in anything ever again?

The next time you make a mistake or didn’t perform well follow these steps.

1. Remind yourself of the beta strategy and that you are in a permanent beta mode. You are only shaping yourself into becoming perfect so you cannot expect perfect results right away.

2. To make yourself feel better is to forgive yourself quickly. This will help you get back on track faster.

3. Question yourself about what you can learn from this situation. Know what went wrong and what strategies you could improve to get better results in the prospects.


You should remember that life is an experiment and every failure in it will be your record to look back at when you need to improve. You can then revise your approach to then find a better way that works. With this strategy, you will turn every failure into accomplishment and will be less stressed at the same time much more efficient keeping things fun.