Try These Stupid but Easy Ways to Be Liked More in the Office


Who doesn’t want to be liked by all, especially by their coworkers? It only makes sense because you spend more time with these people than you do with your friends and family. A simple answer to be liked by most in your office is to be a team player.

A person who is willing to help anybody or take one for the team is more likely to be loved and respected by all.

If you are eager to get those compliments and adoration here are some simple ways you can implement to be liked by most in the office.

Do the thing no one else wants to do

There are always tasks at work that most hate to do. They try to avoid or skip it to their best. However, if you can position yourself as someone who rolls up their sleeves and performs those tasks it will be difficult for anyone to not like you.

Don’t just listen

Wouldn’t it be nice that you could vent about something to someone and to your surprise they offer to help you fix those problems?

Well, the next time you come across a colleague ranting about how they are stuck with an issue on Excel unable to carry out their work, rather than just listening go ahead and offer them your help.

If there are things that you potentially have or know the solutions for, try to help people with those. Just listening to their troubles can be very kind and helping but stepping further to make the person’s life little easier will give you the reputation of being the nicest person at the workplace.

Try to do something nice

Probably you never did something nice for your colleague just because you felt like doing it. Similar to other relationships we tend to forget to appreciate people. Do something to show your appreciation towards a colleague.

Some sweet treats like doughnuts or pastries or probably while you grab some coffee for yourself why not get a few extra for your colleagues. Perhaps compliment your colleague on their excellent work on a new project.

These super easy ways have absolutely no efforts to be exerted by your side. However, it literally transforms the way people perceive you in the office. And in return makes you feel good too.