Tricks Girls Should Know: How to Pose For Pictures to Always Look Good


We are in a world that is obsessed with social media and clicking pictures to share it on different social networking sites. And we all have fallen victim to the curse of unflattering photos. Even if we look amazing in the mirror it has hard to sometimes nail for a good picture. And with this age of media, you have to know how to pose for a good picture.

Knowing all our best poses and figuring our best angles can be a life saver. So here are tricks every girl should know in order to pose best for pictures and never take another shitty photo.

Make use of your tongue

It may sound weird but is one of the best tricks. Press your tongue up against the roof of your mouth when you smile in order to prevent double chin to show up. This elongates your jawline and neck.

Angle your face

When you angle your face the shadows disappear that could make your face look large, wide or slightly discolored. Stand a bit sideways and tilt your chin a tad upward or downward. Then make sure you are looking something that is above your natural line of sight.

Twist body and position your arms

It is the well known red carpet pose with your body at 45 degrees and arm on your hips closest to the camera. Then place one foot a little in front of the other and point your toe to the camera placing all your weight on the back leg. This move is used by almost every celebrity because this ensures your arms are not all smooshed against your body making it look large. If this pose doesn’t fit in naturally with you try holding out your arms a little from your sides.

Crossing ankles

Maybe you are taking a street style snap and are being shot head on, then you should try crossing your legs starting at the calf. The posture will make your hips appear narrower and legs longer casually. This also works if you are sitting, even though it is preferable that you stand when taking pictures.

Don’t follow the group

If you want to have the staggering group photo then all avoid posing the same manner. Each person will be shaped differently which makes the viewer see the picture and not who looks best in a pose.

Learn to smile for the camera

When you smile too wide on camera your face tenses up and your eyes tend to squint, your cheeks puff out which are not at all the desired elements for an attractive shot. Relax your face and open your mouth a bit to match your lower lip with the curve of your upper lip. Don’t want to show any teeth? Then Smize, smile with your eyes.

Practice good postures

You need to stand upright to have an elongated posture and it also gives you an aura of confidence and strength that is very alluring.

Understand proportions

It is a very basic rule that whatever is closer to the camera will look larger in the photos.

Loosen up

Unless you are a professional model, most of the pictures that you are in is casual, fun pictures with friends. The fact is in such pictures loosening up and having fun will always give you the more flattering shot than posing for it. When trying less, there’s less room for error.

(Photo Credit: hello magazine, naseema blog, )