Toxic People You Should Quit Wasting Your Energy on In 2018


It is already 2018 and you have a whole set of goals you need to focus on. You are busy and there’s no way you have time for friendships that zap all your happiness from life.

Here are six type of toxic people that are simply not worth your time.


You just thought of them. That friend who after approximately 30 minutes of the conversation they change the subject to status updates from all the mutual friends and talk about the ins and outs of their personal lives. Sure, in the beginning, you would love to know who slept with whom and whose hangover story was the worse yet after a certain while you kind of feel gross and mean-spirited. Moreover, you have got way better things to do with your life.


Your womp-womp minded pal who always things work life and the world is the worst. Not every day in the life is all sunshine and brightness, however,r this friend has a way of making the brightest of days feel bleak. If you are being pulled down by all the doom and gloom of such a friend then it’s wise to cut loose from them or at least limit your daily catch ups with them.

Guilt Tripper

We all have a lot of baggage we deal with on a daily basis. However, if a friend makes you feel bad about it, it could be the worst. Of course, someone would feel bad for you but if they rub it in and won’t let go, maybe you should.


The one who volunteers to make reservations for the Friday night dinner however when you catch up spends the first 30 minutes passive-aggressively complaining about the volume of work that they went through to get you the reservations. You surely aren’t grateful and a heartfelt thank you should suffice. But if you constantly feel indebted to them for all the “selfless” deeds, maybe its time you move on.


This one is a complete opposite of the martyr. This friend has a great tendency to put everything on your plate. You are surely not their personal assistant but if they text you to buy their movie tickets for them and pressure you to leave early so you can save her a good seat she prefers and if you are feeling like you have scored a job you never really wanted then maybe its time to let loose.

One Upper

You have gone to places and visited the best of locations, but this friend has already interrupted you to tell you about how they have been to places even better. They always try to show things are better in their life than yours and they never seem to be impressed. This friendship is going nowhere.

(Photo credit: movietvtechgeeks)