Top Places for a Destination Wedding


These days everyone is into the trend of making their wedding a memorable one by choosing the quirky way. Some want their wedding to take place in a dreamy place.

A place where they not just have a once in a lifetime experience but also where they can have their once in a lifetime moment to take place. This is also a way to start an early honeymoon.

Here is a list of top destinations to pick from, for your special day.


Fiji is a south Pacific paradise where a marriage ceremony is sure to seem like a fantasy. Fiji is known to have 332 picture-postcard islands. Tokoriki Island Resort, a luxurious hotel, is located in the northernmost of the Mamanuca Island. It is nominated as one of the most romantic hotels in the world. Possible hotel for your D-day.


Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, on Seven Mile Beach, is a prime location to tie the knot. The place is known to be busier. But it is the best place for you and the guests if you enjoy shopping, exploring cuisines and bars.


The picturesque destination with lush mountains and gold-sand beaches might seem like a destination already decorated and meant for wedding bells to ring at. About every hotel offer wedding packages which include simple beach or garden event to lavish mansion covered in plantations.


Doesn’t the name itself speak romance to you? Italy is a hub of historic cities and comprises of magnificent unique places to host a wedding at. Rome, Florence, and Venice are some to name a few gorgeous locations to take your vows at.


Can you deny experiencing the compelling Northern Lights of Iceland, a land of lava landscape and ice? In the south of the country, Hotel Ranga’ is known to arrange wedding events in a traditional country church or close to the Skóarfoss waterfalls. Can you make your wedding photos any more pictographic?

Las Vegas

Are you dreaming of a wedding surrounded by the neon lights? There are plenty of chapels rising at the Strip. Almost all the hotels provide you with a range of options and have their quirky ways to make your wedding more stimulating, like the Elvis impersonators.


Situated in the Atlantic Ocean is the British root of the United States, Bermuda. The island is filled with British pubs and little cottages. Wed, surrounded by the pink sand beaches, colossal cliffs, turquoise sea and mystifying limestone caves. If you are a beach lover and have always wanted a beachside wedding this could be your ultimate destination.


Legend says Cyprus is the birthplace of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. The sunny climate and breathtaking white-washed churches make it an essential wedding location. Looking for a Yacht wedding? Exclusive Yacht weddings arrange the luxurious boats for you to marry on board and later you can cruise around the nearby bay.

Then there are your regular locations like the Bahamas or the Mauritius, however, the list above provides you with the destinations excluding the customary wedding destinations.