Top FashionTrends for Women


Fashion is not just attributed to celebrities and models these days. Every woman is exposed to the vast trends in fashion via media. The ever changing fashion trends are known to any common people. Fashion trends happen to change every season, every month and yearly.

Here is a quick look at the top trends in fashion for women for 2017.

  1. Shirt-Dresses

Something that is highly trending from fashion in dresses for summer is shirt-dresses. The style of long shirts, usually fitting around the waist, with elastic, belt or fabric work around the hemlines, is a classic look, a lot of quirks being added this season. Button downs, double high slits, and asymmetric hemlines are the latest with shirt-dresses.

  1. Long Vests

Long vests are apt for summer as it keeps your style as well as is airy. It has a slimming effect on the body especially when worn unbuttoned. Women can wear it over t-shirts and short bottoms. It is a timeless style so it can be used during winter for a layered look over a jumper.

  1. Kimono-style Trench Coats

Since last summer this style has been in vogue. It is a modern version of traditional kimono which drapes over women phenomenally. The robe fabric makes the complete look fashionable. These are comfortable, airy and lightweight. Try pairing it with a belt with a side knot for a simple yet edgy look.

  1. Cashmere Cape with tassels

This trend has women absolutely captivated. For the 2017 winter, beat the cold and still stay trendy with this cape style. Make sure you go for the neutral colors. Wear it either side up or down.

  1. Trucker Jackets

This trend is going to last throughout the year, or maybe more. Trucker jackets are a must-have and you already know if you are a fashion geek. Layering trucker jackets make a fashion statement. Wear a tank top under or for a casual look a simple tee. You can go with pastel bottoms or slim jeans to match the entire look.

Other color and pattern trends in fashion for women are floral patterns, dainty or flashy large ones, gingham patterns and the military green color. Suede jackets are something that has stepped into the trend as well. Do make sure you try out these trends and step up the style game.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest, Pretty Little Thing, Just Trendy Girls, Bows, and Sequins, Look stick)