Top 7 Things You Should Do Immediately After Waking Up


People have different morning routines depending on their lifestyle. However, how you spend your morning determines a lot on how your day will be spent. Bad mornings will have negative effects on the rest of the day. However, a few things incorporated in your morning routines will make your mornings healthy, effective and keep you stimulated for the rest of the day.


Your muscles were asleep and so you feel the stiffness when you wake up. Stretching will get rid of the stiffness so that you don’t carry it with you at work and let it affect your productivity. Take a few deep breaths and stretch and you are good to go.

Have healthy breakfast

Have breakfast moreover healthy one. Worst would be to skip your breakfast. Skipping breakfast would leave to obesity, diabetes and weak immune system. High protein breakfast is enough to keep you going for the day.

Avoid caffeine or nicotine

Best is to have decaffeinated coffee. Having a smoke or strong black coffee on an empty stomach will damage your system.


With the busy routines, you might not be able to hit the gym. But taking care of your body is essential. So work out or do yoga, meditate for a little while which could take your few minutes.

Look forward to the rest of the day

Avoid thinking of yesterday and the problems it had. Look forward to the day and plan the solutions. You are in control of today and what has happened yesterday cannot be changed.

Open the blinds

Don’t stay in the dark and as soon as you wake up open the blinds let the morning lights in and feel refreshed. Sitting in darkness will make you feel dull and more sleepy.

Set your priorities

Not knowing where to begin your day wastes your time on doing things that are not important. Don’t waste time on silly decisions like what to wear which should have been a matter of thought day before.

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