Tips from Steve Jobs That Everyone Should Know


Steve Jobs is someone who saw failure face to face, he struggled and has experienced so many things in life while he innovated to revolutionalize technology for the world. One can learn a lot from the American entrepreneur’s life and he shared few tips that would help anyone in the walks of time, career and life.

“Find what you love”

Jobs stresses over finding what you love in work so that you are able to do a great work. If you love what you do you will excel in it and bring great outcomes. He suggests not to settle if you haven’t found what you love yet. Keep looking. Just everything else related to heart you will just when you spot the thing you love doing.

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat”

According to Jobs, creativity is about connecting things. But when you innovate you see change as an opportunity to do better. You don’t consider it as failure or obstacle. You are keen to take up the challenge.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

Jobs explain what make a leader stand out from the followers. It is an idea, innovation that makes a leader embark on his leadership journey.

“I skate to where the puck is going to be. Not where it has been”, Wayne Gretzky

This quote is Steve Job’s favorite. And he believed he always tried to do that. And we all should too. Think ahead of time. Plan and have a plan B. Think of possibilities and plausible opportunities. That is how we can be a level up in our respective games.

“There’s a phrase in Buddhism ‘beginner’s mind’”

Jobs felt wonderful to have a beginner’s mind. Staying curious, learning new things looking for possibilities seeking the best is how a beginner’s mind works. Innovating and trying to be different is how you should keep your mindset too, even after accomplishing greater things in life have a ‘beginner’s mind’.

“Learn continually”

According to Jobs, there is always one more thing to learn, which is why we should all never stop learning. Learning is a long process that goes on as we gather experiences and we should keep our minds open to learning always.

(Photo credit: FoxNews)