Tips from Ratan Tata to Lift the Spirits of All Entrepreneurs


To define success in business people always take names like Tata, Ambani, and Birla. However, there are only few who can manage to walk the path that they have traveled. Very few can hold up to what they have led in the initial years of their business life.

Every entrepreneur looks up to these business veterans in order to learn something from them about the trade. However, there are only a few lucky ones who actually meet their idols and get mentorship under them. Any mentor in the life of an entrepreneur is beneficial in overcoming the challenges that arise in business.

The business tycoon Ratan Tata mentors many aspiring entrepreneurs to help them through business challenges and survive. Ratan Tata in one of his interviews sent a very powerful message to the millennials with regards to never forgetting that we are Indians first before any state or religion. Tata also praised Prime Minister Modi for encouraging youth entrepreneurial spirit.

In his conversation with author Suhel Seth, he enlighted about how the company managed through leaps and bounds over the years. And also added a 3-minute tip that all millennials should follow.

Do what you believe is right

The man of steel advises entrepreneurs to follow what they believe is right without caring how others perceive the situation one is in. A person should figure out their thoughts and wants and understand whether it will take them to the right direction.

Pursue like there’s no tomorrow

One should pursue what one believes in like there is no tomorrow. Dreams don’t come true without pursuing them. Many have ideas but there are only a few who can execute them well. Thus if one believes in something they shouldn’t fear of exerting efforts into it.

Aim to bring about change

Tata encourages youth to have an aim to make a difference in whatever they do. One should put efforts in making a difference whether constructive or destructive. An entrepreneur should aim to deliver more than what is expected of him. People are noticed for the difference they make.

Be unified

TheChairman Emeritus of Tata Sons urges the millennial to be united in the business industry and always remember they are Indians first. And an entrepreneur should never lose the spirit.

(Photo credit: kenfolios, firstpost)