Tips for People Who Worry and Over Think Excessively


Are you someone who always anticipates the worst? Being a worrier and over thinking can be self-destructive. We all deserve to be tension free and a life with content. But worrying can make you fill in negative thoughts in your mind.

If you ever notice, the depressing scenarios that we create in our minds don’t exactly ever come true. The delusions rule most of our life.

Stop yourself from thinking about what is going to go wrong and channel your mind to focus on the better side of things.

Here are some tips to help you overcome excessive worrying and thinking

Things you imagine never happened

The thing you worried about so much? Did it really happen? No. You are so sure that something bad was to happen but it really turned out well.

Everything is not under your control

The people who worry a lot love it when they are given the full control. Sometimes the things that are not under your control are expected by you to have a bad outcome. It is totally impossible to control the events of life. The unpredictability of life events is what makes it thrilling.

You are not your thoughts

Your thoughts have no boundaries. Worries have spiraled out of thoughts. That is why they are just different interpretations and perceptions over an event.

A person with positive mindset tends to get carried away with the positive interpretations, whereas you tend to choose the opposite.

But we need to feel good about ourselves and that is only possible if you start picking the positive perceptions.

Stop guessing the outcomes

You cannot predict the outcome of events. Sorry, you do not have those powers. But you have the power to stop worrying about the unpredictable events.

What’s the worst that could happen?

When you start worrying ask this question. If your answers are unrealistic, take a minute to analyze that would that thing really happen?

Stay realistic.

Take tiny steps

Most of the times you are overwhelmed with the thought of doing something or the thing as a whole is intimidating. Your worries stop you from doing things that you feel overwhelmed about.

Start with the little things you want to do where worry blocks you. You can later slowly start with bigger things. If an approach failed you once try a different approach.

Look for solutions

Being worried you tend to hang on to the problem itself. You are dwelling on how big the problem is and what it has caused. Rather look for solutions. Start thinking how you can change your situation into a better one.

Avoid fellow worrier

A group of foodies talks about food, a group of techies talks about latest technology and group of worriers is going to talk about their worries. However, things for the final ones are never going to end well.

Live in the present

As a worrier, you might either be in the past where regret lives on or the future where total disaster awaits you (as per you).

The today and tomorrow are somewhat in your control and pleasant. Do you wish to waste it by worrying or you want to live it to the most?

Enjoy each moment and the future will take care of itself.