Tips to Cure Boredom


Do you feel bored every time and feel like you have nothing to do? Do you feel like you are wasting your life?

Being bored feels horrible, as you have been unproductive, listless and did nothing. Certainly there are things to do in abundance, but you cannot put your finger on what really keeps you entertained and happy.

Another thing could be that we are bored of the routine, meeting the same people, going to same places, and doing the same things.

Boredom can mean differently to different people, so let us take a look at some tips to help you out of boredom.

Know what’s stopping you

There is something that is stopping you from involving into the activity that you want to do or need to do. You have associated certain pain with the action that you really do not want to get it done. What is it?

You really wanted to get done with grocery shopping today, but you are just stuck there on the sofa and can’t really get yourself to complete your task. Same goes for tasks at work, and here is where procrastination originates.

Prepare a schedule

Your daily schedule has a big hole that needs to be filled. The hole is where you need to fill in exciting things to do, to avoid boredom. For the coming week, make sure you have prepared a schedule.

Read a book

If you really have nothing to do and you are into reading, it is best to grab a new book and get lost in the book world. Reading helps you in various ways and is a productive activity. You only gain knowledge from reading so there goes your boredom to the bin.

Set some stimulating goals

You are bound to get bored if you lack stimulating goals in your life. You know what you are passionate about and what you desire the most, set goals that revolve around this.

Set some achievable goals that keep you excited other than the regular goals that even with good end results tend to bore you, this goal should really motivate you for good results and set more such goals.

Waiting is boring

When you are waiting for someone or something, things tend to get boring naturally. Make sure you do something by that time. Run errands, read, look around places, read articles or blogs online etc.

Quit drinking alcohol

Alcohol could never be boring, right, or is it?

A few drinks at the end of the day and drinking on the weekends with friends is a way for some to relief their stress.

However, it is completely the other way round. It tends to slow you down further, numbs your mind and makes you more tired.

Quit alcohol and add a productive activity during the time you actually go out and have a few drinks. Your brain will start responding more and you will find more motivating things to do.

Complete the tasks you have been putting off

You might be bored of doing something but have you thought how success feels like? It must be all happy and content with a sense of self-assertiveness, right?

That’s the exact feeling you will get once you finish what you have been putting off all this time. You will feel accomplished making you do more such tasks.

Start noting down your day

Try to maintain a journal. When there are days you find you really haven’t done anything and you have nothing to actually write down in your journal, it can make you at least complete with something or the other to know you have been productive in a day. This way you will begin to notice more and more accomplishments to jot down.

Learn something new

A new language, some new stream anything. There are many courses online that provide with a free chance of learning something new. Learning something that encourages you and keeps you excited which can only nourish your mind and soul.

Meet up old friends

If it has been quite a long time you have been busy with routine work and stuck up at home, it is always nice and reviving to meet up old mates.

You rarely have any time for face to face conversations and those heartfelt moments of reunion can really lift your spirits.