Tips To Avoid Sweat Patches on Your Clothes


All face the trouble of dark patches of sweat. However, you can avoid those yellowy dark patches. It is most embarrassing to raise your hands for a handshake only to reveal a dark stain on your clothes.

Here are few tricks and ways you can avoid the sweat patches.

Underarm pads or undershirts

Most men wear vests. But there are a lot of them who don’t. However, it is best to wear a crisp cotton vest when you wear a dress shirt. Similarly, wear a basic tee under a casual summer shirt. The undershirts will absorb the dripping sweats before it reaches to the shirt layered above. Underarm pads are available at any pharmacy locally should help prevent stains on your pit area of your shirt.

Go for fabrics that breathe easy

Go for clothes with cotton, linen and voile etc fabrics. Avoid fabrics like silk, rayon, and nylon.

Make use of antiperspirants

Make sure you purchase an antiperspirant, it doesn’t need to be an expensive one. Use it daily, once you have taken a shower and once before getting into bed at night. Dry the armpit area before applying it.

Invest in some performance wear

Athletic wears now have cutting edge technology to prevent excessive sweating and absorbs sweat quickly before it stains your clothes. Nike and Adidas are brands that have such performance wears.

Washing your linen

You need to wash linen well and regularly. Use a quarter cup of bleach every time you wash. It will get rid of the sweat stains, will lighten your clothes and will give a cleaner look.

Choose dark colors

Dark shades for your clothes will have less visible stains. But if you go for more gray or white or blue it will prominently show up sweat stains.

(Photo Credit: Esquire, Lyst)